Hollywood’s Not So Glamorous

Amanda Bynes goes off the deep end. Take a minute to peruse the craziness of that link.

Amanda Bynes goes from talking about having her naughty bits murdered to exclaiming her sister is ugly via Twitter. She has truly let Hollywood take her by storm, the young star used to make us smile on All That and even hosted her own show. Her feature films captured the hearts of teenage girls and men found themselves enjoying her transition from young comedian to bombshell. Today, she occasionally rocks a blond wig that is straight out of the Adams Family and has undergone plastic surgery. What exactly has gotten to Amanda is unknown but what seems apparent is that she needs help.

When I read her tweets I want to laugh, I do laugh but somewhere deep inside me I feel for her. I cannot imagine what she has gone through in order to derive such a tragic shift from fun-loving comedian into a train wreck. She has morphed her face, body, and exposed herself all over the Internet. Her image has gone from sweet to sultry to down right embarrassing seemingly overnight. Should we have seen this coming?

It begs the question what is in the water in Hollywood and how can I avoid it at all costs. I guess the point of all this is to remember that as you work your 9-5 job, do your own hair, clean your own house, and live bill to bill, at least you are sane, sure of yourself, and not falling off the deep end as the world watches. There are perks to living in the daily grind and we can thank Amanda Bynes for reminding us of this.

on the red carpet of robots the movie

on the red carpet of robots the movie (Photo credit: Wikipedia)