The Beginning of a Rye Summer

This summer marks my first away from home. I have moved into a condo right on the beach in Rye with my quirky great aunt and austere great uncle. My family is a little over two hours away, as are my best friends from high school and the place where I have spent my summers all my life.

This summer I am completing my internship for Communication and working as a waitress at a new restaurant, where the locals still haven’t quite figured out that they are desperately sought after. My frustrations have already arisen as I have days where I receive one table in four hours, placing $4.50 in my wallet as I watch the gas pump eat ten times that in just one fill. Not to mention I’m paying $18 a week to park at my unpaid internship. Needless to say I am a complaining young woman having a whirlwind of an experience about what the real world is like and what it truly means to be at the bottom of the totem poll. 

All money issues aside this summer holds many opportunities. Here is a place where I know no one and they do not know me. It is a chance to make new friends, new bonds, and new discoveries. To learn about myself and to find out all I can about the ocean, my internship, and how to be successful in a new place and at a new job. I also have the wonderful opportunity to get to know my great aunt and uncle better and to live by the ocean, for the ocean, and with the ocean. 

I am lucky to have this journey ahead of me. One filled with fears, hopes, dreams, and the ability to be completely selfish and turn inward to see and to learn more about what makes me, me. Imagel