The Makings of my Past: Why You Should Name Your Eating Disorder

When we begin to acknowledge our own voice as different than that of our eating disorder’s, we create an ability to fight and overcome. Continue reading


Haunted Houses of Shame


We get in our own way. We create our own defeat, our own worry of not being good enough. We come in the way of positive thinking with fleeting thoughts of self-conscious remarks, questions that ponder our own self worth, and moments of weakness. We hold our bodies tightly, arms crossed. We hide in baggy clothes, in the comfort of our own homes, and dwell within our own negativity. We pump the brakes on our own happiness. 

Do not dwell too long in hostile quarters. They can tarnish perspective and self worth. I speak from a place that I have been creating for years, one that harnesses every foul thought I ever assumed another thought of me, and every mean thing I ever thought of myself. I have built a mountain, several actually. I have become quite experienced in the building of despair mountains. I have mastered the art of killing my own happiness. I know how to knit-pick everything from my thighs to my grades, to how I measure up to well, everyone. It is a vicious cycle of comparison, a haunted house of shame, blame, and hatred. A place I wouldn’t wish upon anyone. 

So jump. Jump from your mountain into an ocean of positive thinking, better, self-love. Create it. Inspire it. Nurture it. 

We are the makers and shakers of our own happiness, our own destiny. Do not dwell, do not swell your eyes with tears of your own creation. Be something, be anything, and do it with the knowledge that you are perfect in all that you are, because you are, you. 


Sadness and Hope

I think it’s okay to be a little sad sometimes. Life isn’t perfect, people aren’t perfect, and you’re going to be hurt and disappointed. So allow sadness, but don’t drown in it, do not let it swallow you whole. Sadness makes us appreciate the sunshine and feel the warm embrace of a smile curl from our lips. So be blue, let in reflection, and then welcome the strength to overcome your sadness because life may have its downsides but it has its wonders too. Image

Ocean Whispers

As the world is swallowed whole by the Internet; my eyes are transfixed on the ocean. 

The web promotes and glimmers picturesque,

Yearning to encompass its beauty. 

The ocean lives it. 

Smells it.

Sounds of it,

And whispers notions of serenity.

Peace in its waves,

Forgiveness in its view. 

Massaging the body with its voice,

The waves of a greater tomorrow,

A new beginning in every curve,

Where white meets blue.