A Writer’s Promise

My lack of writing is both disrespectful to my committed readers and my sensitive heart. Writing, for me, is how I release my emotions to the world. I set them free, in the hopes of allowing my heart to feel a little less bogged down. For my mind is a constant stream of thoughts and worries.

I’ve recently been weighed down by stress. My heart has been at a constant accelerated beat, my mind foggy, my skin unable to sit still on my aching bones. Sleep is a distant friend as I’m constantly fighting a cold symptom. My mind and body are begging for some kind of release. They need to be cleansed the way the ocean cleanses the shore.

The truth is, I’m not good at combating stress. I shut down, I fall apart, and I hurt myself and those I love by my actions. I need the written word like the leaves need the sun. It sparks my heart and mind into a self-reflection. Self-reflection remedies emotion by giving it an outlet, a place to vent and be real.

With this realization I give you my promise. I promise to love my words so much that no matter how stressful life gets…I will make time for them, in the way that I hope my readers make time for me.

Lesson: Do whatever it is you need to do to combat stress. There’s a reason it’s the number one killer and it may be compromising more things in your life then you realize. Be your own advocate and make the changes to better your life. You won’t regret it.


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