22 Things Most Women Can Relate To

1) Having a Bad Day?Nothing a new pair of underwear can’t fix.

2) When You Know You Look GoodSomeone better see me looking this good otherwise today was a waste.

3) When You Have a ZitMaybe if I point it out before others do then it won’t be so noticeable and they’ll feel bad for me.

4) When a Guy We Like Takes Forever to Text Us BackLet me run through the past week through my head to see where I messed this up.

5) When Our Pants Feel TighterMini freak out that we gained weight then we reassure ourselves it’s pre-bloating. Our period (James) must be coming.

6) When We’re Going Anywhere Wait. I better try to pee first.

7) When the Guy We’re with Asks What Movie We Want to Watch It’s up to you! While we usually secretly know, which one we hope he picks.

8) Looking at Pop Culture Magazines Seems fun for a moment until it makes us feel bad about our bodies and appearance.

9)Those of Us Who Pin, enjoy pinning, but wouldn’t have the first clue how to do any of the DIY’s.

10) Yoga Pants cause we didn’t feel like getting dressed today.

11) Spending Money So much fun. Unless it’s our own.

12) Pictures of Animals Most adorable thing ever. We ooh and aw over them and they brighten our day.

13) Getting Ready It’s a three hour affair. Make up, hair, outfit….outfits?

14)Going Out to Eat Can I get the sauce on the side? Oh and no cheese! Actually is this gluten-free?

15)A Night Out Oh I don’t want to drink too much, I’ll just have one drink…ends night with head in the toilet.

16)Selfies As the saying goes, take 50, delete 49. Try every angle…one has to work.

17) Diets Last about as long as a manicure…

18) SquatsA desperate attempt to get a Jen Seltzer booty.

19)MirrorsWell, there goes an hour of my day.

20)Lipstick is a necessity.

21)Reality T.V. because we would rather watch drama on television then have it in our own life.

22)Hair The never-ending battle of shaving, tweeting, waxing, shampooing, straightening, curling, taming, conditioning, and dying. We love long locks, but hate taking care of them. We erase what body hair we can and are constantly looking for the next best thing in hair care.

















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