As a young woman in college, in life, and in general I am on the pursuit of finding who I am. As seemingly cliche as that may be I find that many people my age and even older are hauntingly unsure of what inspires them and what they want whether down the road or in the here and now. I find myself lost, leaving notions up to others and just getting by…but that is not what life is about, all the worries and stress are just side notes to the bigger picture of living. This blog is a daring experience to confront the very things that have kept me down and to have a summer filled with being selfish, deciding what I want when I want it, working hard towards my future, saying goodbye to depending on boyfriends and family and saying hello to discovering how to love who I am, what I look like and what I have to offer. The beach is my new home and the ocean may hold the very tools that will help me break free of fears and live the life I so desperately strive for, the one free of insecurities, and the one full of confidence in myself.

The journey starts now.


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