5 Things About My New Residence

I just moved! Crazy. My first place and I moved in with my boyfriend. It’s been a little hectic getting settled in, but it’s ours. The best part about moving in is that now I get to share some strange things about the new place I call home and some not so pleasant realizations.

1) I moved to the most crime filled neighborhood near Durham. At least, this is what the stats say, but then again should I believe everything I read online? Some of the people are interesting, as my boyfriend quickly discovered leaving our apartment one day.

So needless to say, this will be an interesting experience.

2) Panic attacks at the grocery store are real and understandable things. My love of fruit is expensive and my job doesn’t really support my fruit addiction. This is going to be a rocky transition…I mean…what will I eat?

3) You have to make sacrifices for your partner. Sometimes they drive a car that sits low to the ground and sometimes the extra parking spaces are in a lot with a hill that causes bottoming out. Sometimes the girlfriend drives a ford explorer and can handle the dip. Sometimes the lot with extra spaces is in the back of the building and it’s creepy. I guess sometimes you give up your fears of the dark and safety for those you love and what they drive.

4) You get to be naked as much as you want. Yes, naked. The past four years of roommates has restricted my nakedness freedom and forced me to cover up. No more. Now I can do whatever I want in the nude. I’m like a nude super hero who does household chores and sings off key.

5) I’ve decided to become a coupon enthusiast. I now have two coupon apps and my own organizer. Saving is important, and if it means I have to be a little bit coo-coo for a time, then oh well. Saving is key when you have no money!


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