Hollywood’s Not So Glamorous

Amanda Bynes goes off the deep end. Take a minute to peruse the craziness of that link.

Amanda Bynes goes from talking about having her naughty bits murdered to exclaiming her sister is ugly via Twitter. She has truly let Hollywood take her by storm, the young star used to make us smile on All That and even hosted her own show. Her feature films captured the hearts of teenage girls and men found themselves enjoying her transition from young comedian to bombshell. Today, she occasionally rocks a blond wig that is straight out of the Adams Family and has undergone plastic surgery. What exactly has gotten to Amanda is unknown but what seems apparent is that she needs help.

When I read her tweets I want to laugh, I do laugh but somewhere deep inside me I feel for her. I cannot imagine what she has gone through in order to derive such a tragic shift from fun-loving comedian into a train wreck. She has morphed her face, body, and exposed herself all over the Internet. Her image has gone from sweet to sultry to down right embarrassing seemingly overnight. Should we have seen this coming?

It begs the question what is in the water in Hollywood and how can I avoid it at all costs. I guess the point of all this is to remember that as you work your 9-5 job, do your own hair, clean your own house, and live bill to bill, at least you are sane, sure of yourself, and not falling off the deep end as the world watches. There are perks to living in the daily grind and we can thank Amanda Bynes for reminding us of this.

on the red carpet of robots the movie

on the red carpet of robots the movie (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Blogging About Blogging

Blogging About Blogging

So here’s one for the books, I’m blogging about blogging people! I recently had my first post published to Calypso Communications blog, Brandcredible! As an intern I was and still am very excited about it! Please take a moment and read this blog then go read my other blog!


Can’t say you’ll be disappointed, cause what’s better than two blogs and one even talks about the java…and we all love the java.

The Only Things That Need to ‘Get a Room’ are Maura Kelly’s Thoughts

Audi Arrivals At The Emmy Awards

Audi Arrivals At The Emmy Awards (Photo credit: Audi USA)


I realize I’m late on the uproar that stemmed from the Marie Claire article entitled,  ‘Should Fatties Get a Room’ (Even on T.V.), but my feelings are not about to silenced whether I am up to date or behind on the ‘know’.

To say I am displeased would be an understatement. The simple fact that this woman gets paid to write such things blows my mind and infuriates me. She not only blatantly makes fun, degrades, and bashes overweight people but she even has the audacity to compare obese people to heroin users and drunks. Her insensitivity jumps off the page and her blood boiling comments attack the very people in life who are struggling most and highlight our world’s skinny obsession.

Food is a subject that many people struggle with, it has never come easy to me and I can totally relate to both sides of the spectrum. This woman seems to think that being overweight means that you do not deserve to be publicly intimate, be on television, breathe in her presence, or have any of the other every day freedoms of someone who is quote on quote “thin”. She finds puke steering towards her lips as she watches any considerably ‘fat’ by society individual kiss or simply walk across a room as she puts it.

I wonder how this woman would feel if someone was disgusted by her presentation, whether it be in the clothes she wears, or maybe she’s too thin. If anyone wrote an article that was a tribute to all things negative about her I doubt that she would be displaying smiles or happy comments.

Maura Kelly then goes on to provide advice to the very people she is disgusted to look at, I mean she claims she has some ‘plump’ friends so she must be an expert. I think her advice is fogged by the very fact that she cannot understand that food can be an addiction for some people or a clutch for deeper sorrows. She gives tricks and tips but she cannot even find a place in her heart of understanding or empathy for the very individuals she makes fun of, the very ones who are suffering enough with or without her nasty comments and naive suggestions.

Kelly apologizes in the end, after receiving scrutiny, leaving me to wonder if the apology would have come if she had not gotten so much negative feedback from readers. I give props for her owning up to having an eating disorder and giving an apology but I in no way believe that in any way erases her words from my brain. The simply fact that she suffers from an eating disorder should allow her to find a place in her heart of understanding and kindness for those who cannot win their battle with food. Maura Kelly may not be flaunting her food issues in the form of extra fat or being deemed ‘obese’, but regardless she is submersed in a food obsession like those who are overweight.

Free speech is a beautiful thing but so is knowing when to file your notions into the confines of your own brain and when to share them with the world. The act of being a published writer is a privilege and Maura Kelly is an example of a woman who used her talents and job to do more harm than good.

For the full article: http://www.marieclaire.com/sex-love/dating-blog/overweight-couples-on-television

Honesty is the Best Policy (Even with Yourself)

As an intern at an unpaid internship, college student, and waitress at an upcoming restaurant, I find myself heckled by the thought of money. I guess my feelings about the subject could be compared to a young child treading in … Continue reading

Weening Off the GPS

Magellan Blazer12 GPS Receiver.

Magellan Blazer12 GPS Receiver. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Mastering the art of a new lay of land, turning down a road with confidence, or simply being able to give directions is harder then you may think. Armed with no sense of direction and a memory span of a goldfish, finding my way around Rye has been in the hands of my handy-dandy GPS. I hop in the car, power up my navigator and cruise to work, Portsmouth, or wherever my heart desires.

Frankly relying on technology is not something I advocate for, as swift, easy, and uncomplicated as technology makes my life relying on it churns my stomach in the most unnatural of ways. I then begin to feel helpless and unsure without my GPS leading me through the course, “Ahead, come to a stop and make a left, then proceed for approximately 25 miles.” I become tethered, depending on the GPS to know exactly where I want to go, to get me there the fastest way possible, and to not die on me.

I am nervously awaiting the day it fails to turn on. Unfortunately, my handy-dandy GPS (yes I am blatantly saying handy-dandy in reference to Blue’s Clues handy-dandy notebook, don’t judge me)

Toys made in Blue and Periwinkle's images

Toys made in Blue and Periwinkle’s images (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

has already steered me wrong. It of course decided to do so on the day of a job interview, making me late and having to call the interviewer and ask for directions. Needless to say, technology is not all it’s cracked up to be. We enjoy talking it up and utilizing its ability to make our life easier but when it fails us, we act surprised, shocked, and befuddled.

So here’s to weening off my GPS. Leaving for work, my internship, the bars, and other locations early enough to depend on my goldfish memory and improve my sense of direction. I would be a liar to say that my GPS will not remain in the car. Lets call my GPS Lolita, for the simply pleasure of not having to use the word GPS anymore. Lolita will rest in the middle console of my car on the off chance that I find myself terribly lost with no hope of finding my own way out. The 21st century has its perks but if I truly want to start feeling like Rye is my home then I need to say adios Lolita and engage the maps that lurk within the confines of my brain.