Relationship Musings from a Twenty-Something Wanna-bee Teacher

The most unfortunate thing about growing up is realizing you’ve fallen in love and have bills to pay.

That may sound crazy, but I don’t mean that love is bad. Love is only definable by your experience with it. For me, it’s feeling breathless when his hand touches yours, safe in his embrace as tears trickle down flushed faces and comfortable being unapologetically, you.

With love comes wanting…wanting to spend all of your time with your significant other and with love comes age. Age says that you have bills to pay and for some of us that means two jobs and little free time.

Little free time equals less time together and more time working. This can put a huge strain on the relationship, causing you to rely on texting and calls for the majority of your communication. Let’s be real: so much can be misconstrued in text. Intonation doesn’t exist and neither do facial expressions. This is why it tests your relationship. It puts pressure on your ability as a couple to communicate and trust each other to be doing what you say you’re doing. It asks you to care about the others work. To genuinely ask how their day was and take time to listen. To be supportive of their triumphs and pitfalls. Like I said earlier, it puts your relationship to the test.

Free time will arise and you can rejoice in getting time together. It’s truly exciting so own that excitement and cherish every second of time together. Free time will come up and either you or your significant other will want to spend that time with friends, let them. Make time for your significant other, but make time for your friends and yourself too. Every relationship is important, even the one you have with yourself!

As real as love is, so are bills and responsibility. Balance is not easy and never will be. Balance takes work, love takes work, and obviously, work takes work. But, if you love someone then put all you have into communicating, listening, trusting, and supporting them. Be open to the fact that it isn’t going to be easy and promise me you’ll be true to what you want, better yet need. Let go of what you can’t control and try to find the best in what you have….

Because at the end of the day it’s the experiences, love, and growth that makes life worth it. These years of hard work to find yourself are going to pay off and doing it with someone you love is a bonus worth exploring.


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