Slumdog Dollar-aires

When you’re going to grad school and work at the Ninety Nine you have to become a Slumdog Dollar-aire. The money isn’t flowing, if anything it’s hiding, between couch cushions. You pinch pennies, literally, by comparing Market Basket and Wal-Mart prices. Every penny counts right?

There are many other interesting moments waiting around the corner when you live in a place, that is well, interesting. Some of those moments can be found below…

1) The Horrors of Dust, yes I’m not kidding dust. It is pure evil. It clings to the wood beams in our apartment and makes the air feel heavy and difficult to breathe. After a week of coughing, sneezing, headaches, and bouts of nauseas, Ethan’s mom saved us. She came in with her vacuum and wonder woman powers of dust crime fighting. Needless to say, her cleaning saved the day.

2) Lack of Counter Space, where should we put all of the things?! There is not enough counter space for the microwave, Keurig, toaster, serving utensils, paper towels, dish rack, etc. When the microwave lives on the fridge, you know you have no counter space.

3) BILLS, this one speaks for itself.

4) Having clown neighbors…I think our numbers are clowns. I mean,  how many people are they storing in their apartment? I’ve seen a mommy, a daddy, two kids, wait…was that another kid’s voice?

5) When you become a, “People of Wal Mart”, we have become wal-martians. We shop Wal-Mart for everything. It’s cheap and you saw number 3. I just hope we don’t end up on the People of Wal-Mart site. I would assume that would consist of Ethan wearing his red pants, faux-hawk in all its glory, and me in my fedora and non-matching socks.

6) LIES, Wal-Mart lures you into demos with the promise of something free…PSYCH, you must pay $500 dollars to get one dinky free thing. You’re lucky you’re cheap Wal-Mart, otherwise we would be done.

7) Tricky Dick the MagicianYes this is the name of a real magician that is performing in Somersworth.

8) Mind Blown by the sheer amount of things you need. I did not think about how many things we would need, from silverware separators to freezer bags. I mean I have made plastic bins into makeshift coffee tables. All you need is a cover sheet and a bin, and VOILA! Well, not so VOILA since Ethan just said, “Wishing I had a coffee table instead of a bin.” I guess we can’t all be I-G-G-Y Fancy.




One thought on “Slumdog Dollar-aires

  1. Reminds me of our first apartment in France..However we had no micowave,counters,or inside plumbing!! Haha those were the days…You are doing it right will be something to look back on with fond you


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