So, my blog game has been off a bit and by off I mean it has been about a month or so since I last posted. Luckily, I would not proclaim myself to have any diehard followers that would be begging for my musings! (maybe one day) As I sit here reminiscing the last month, I cannot help to realize that I have been more than just M.I.A. to my blog, but rather, just flat out unavailable to the majority of my friends and family. So sorry to you all! I still love you, I am just a busy senior in college who works on the weekends and is trying to find a cooperating teacher.

Soo if you’re interested this is what I’ve been up to….

I work Friday through Sunday every week as a hostess at The Ninety-Nine and occasionally on Mondays. So if you need some tips on how to hold open a door, run the board, or use a headset let me know! I have three classes this semester, which I shockingly enjoy, well, except for one. So, I luckily only have these classes three days a week and they all have to do with one of my majors soooo that’s a win!

I am now the photo editor of The Granite Yearbook, which requires some more work but so far seems to be going smoothly. I have also been continuing to help head Lambda Phi Eta which I have not been as available for due to class conflicts and school observations. Sorry to my fellow LPE’s I really do feel bad!!

By far the greatest thing keeping me busy is going into the school’s to observe different classrooms and teachers. I am doing this because I am going to be attending grad school at UNH next year for elementary education and that requires a year long internship in a classroom. It has been thrilling to interact with students and actually feel like a teacher! The potential cooperating teacher’s I have had the pleasure of meeting have been both inspiring, relatable, and open-minded to my ideas and thoughts on education. I am extremely excited to see where this opportunity takes me and to finally get to be in a classroom full time.

And when I’m not doing any of those things I am looking for apartments around the Dover-Durham-Newmarket area…so if you know of anything opening up in June…. ย  ๐Ÿ™‚

So there’s a little snapshot into what the last month has been like for me. It has been exhausting, crazy, and at times frustrating, but all in all it is the beginning of my future and that in itself is rewarding and something worth fighting for.


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