Reflections of a 21 Year Old College Gem

Reminiscing is something we all do this time of year. As we edge closer to 2014 the Facebook statuses recalling all the memories and regrets of the past year roll in. The sob stories and the triumphs run through the newsfeed like word vomit. As my eyes begin to glaze over, I cannot help but find my brain picking away at the past year and remembering all that was had and lost or made and kept. So against all my inner hipster I want to look back on my own year and remember it in all that it taught me and in all that it will continue to teach me.


The year of my 21st Birthday. The birthday I realized that one day can really be all about you. I basked in so much celebration, joy, friendships, family, and well, booze. I will never forget January 10, 2013 even if some of the memories are from pictures rather than memory.

The year of reclaiming my voice and learning to move on from friendships that have changed and to accept what I cannot change and take it for what it is. I discovered that nothing lasts forever and even if a friendship changes does not mean it cannot be experienced and enjoyed within new terms.

The year of roommate lessons. I finally realized the truth behind not rooming with your best friends. The best part about best friends is that they are there when the rooming situation goes sour and sometimes best friends are totally different as roommates. Regardless, I learned a lot and managed to salvage what I could.

The year of new experiences. I broke out of my friend circle and into a new one. I spent my first summer away from home. I put myself out there by reaching out to family I never thought I’d live with, a job I never thought I’d have, and met an amazing group of girls interning for a place I never dreamed of interning. I went to bars I’d never been to and met people that challenged me. I joined a local gym and began to feel like a local of a place that was never before my home. A place that has become a part of me and is beginning to feel like home.

Most importantly, 2013 is the year of the ocean. The ocean has healed me in a way I never thought possible. It sped up the healing and recovery process of my life’s biggest struggle. It has prompted tears, happiness, forgiveness, and love. It has shown me that I am okay on my own and I am capable of putting myself out there and trying new things. I am able and I am strong. The ocean has soothed my body and made it feel whole again. The ocean has cleansed my heart.

2014 is a year to continue my journey and my recovery. 2014 is where I begin to take what has changed, fully accept it, and truly start loving what has occurred and what will continue to transpire.

I am a work in progress.

So hello 2014, goodbye 2013. 


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