Becoming a Relational Being

We come into conflict, fire in our hearts, heads, no brain…fuming with our perception of what is right and wrong. We’ve already deemed the other stupid, wrong, and as their lips move our mind’s race to format a rebuttal.

Stop. Breathe. Listen.

When we become caught up in our predetermined ‘truths’, we fail to hear the other. We ignore the opportunity to understand, grow, and construct new meaning.

We render understanding as giving up, as surrendering our own beliefs to the other.

Well I call bull. I ask you to re-think understanding, reform, edit, and engage understanding as an opportunity to house your own ideas while considering and acknowledging the other side of your thinking.

Open your horizons.




The mind is meant to be open, to be explored, let another navigate your brain, touch your soul and allow yourself to venture into realms unknown. We are capable of constructive conflict. Do not avoid it, face it with an open mind, wide eyes, patient ears, and a heart hungry for diversity.


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