College. It’s interesting to sit back and try to digest all that college encompasses. It is the time for growth, education, friendship, and opportunity. For unity through difference.

It’s a time to get drunk.

Make mistakes, take risks, and be naked.

It’s a time to test how much coffee it takes to keep you awake during an 8 a.m. A time to learn when to raise your hand and when to shut your mouth. A time to come out of the closet, show your soul, and indulge in pizza.

A time to hate your roommate. A time to meet your soulmate.

College is an experience.

A taste of real life where your parents still do most, if not all, of the funding. To learn all that you can. To open your mind to new people, new things, and better yet to do some soul searching.

Take college and run with it because it’s the best time to live your life to the fullest. Take every opportunity and run with it. Take your heart and open it to people, let your mind love learning, let yourself just be.

This is the time of our lives, live it to the fullest.


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