A Millennial Pressure

Being a millennial has its perks. Born into a world that entices us to live our dreams, to make our passions the source of our income, to change the world, confront adversity, and never let anyone tell us we are not good enough.

However, being a millennial is stressful. Anxiety creeps in amidst the flares of BE ALL YOU CAN BE and DARE TO DREAM creating a murky fog of daunting tasks like finding your passion or changing the world. Anxiety breeds from the pressing need to be the next Gandhi or Steve Jobs.

Pressure. We run into college, declare a major, and throw in thousands of dollars for an education that promises success. We intern for free, work at less than glamorous jobs, and let loose when we can through binge drinking and maybe a bad case of the munchies.

We lose sleep. We run on caffeine. We fight to find our passion, change the world, and just be who we are.

We are the millennials, a breed all our own. Filled with music, enlightened by ideas, open to new movements like gay marriage and legalized mary j. We fight for the underdog, we put love over money, we display our life publicly through social media, and we want it ALL. We want love, fame, success, and passion. We want to feel free and empowered.

Deep breath. Pull back, relax, rewind.

The millennial time is now but we as millennials must remember we are only human and have to take a day at a time.

Phew. Now take the reigns and work toward your goals each day. Remember millennial the world is not going to change in a moment and that it is likely that you are filled with many passions, not just one.

So live your life, live it loud, and take some of the pressure off your back by staying true to the skin you bare, you are human and that is a beautiful reality to wear.


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