I Don’t Wanna Grow Up

There’s that famous song for Toys R’ Us that hums; I don’t wanna grow up I’m a Toys R Us Kid. To me it isn’t about not growing up; growing up is inevitable. Our hair is going to gray, skin wrinkle, and one day the simple things in life will become more difficult, till we can’t do them at all. Not growing up is about the heart. It is about those little moments of fleeting laughter over silly things, of eating ice cream for dinner, or joining in on a game of chutes and ladders. The moments of re-watching old kids movies or mixing chocolate chips in with popcorn. It is the times we take to reminisce, the times we take to forget about the worries of money, cleaning, and work, and simply be. Truly, you are never too old to be young. You can’t be old when your heart is youthful, even if your age tells you otherwise. It is all in how you feel, in how you act, and how you choose to engage every moment.

Be young. Be bold. Be beautiful.


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