Hopeless Romantic

51 years. 4 children, and a million memories.

My grandparents have witnessed so much together over the course of their marriage, there’s a lot to see in 51 years. Yet, their union started rapidly, a head over heels love, the kind that ignites, and seems to be at risk for being hot, heavy, and over as quickly as it started.

It is a remarkable thing how these two hearts became one. After only a week together, they tied the knot in Paris, and began their adventure into the world together, both boldly and fearlessly. Now, 51 years later, they are still married but most importantly they are happy.

Divorce is a common thing today. As a child of divorced parents I can attest to watching a marriage fall apart; but, also as a child of divorced parents I can attest to two new marriages coming together. It is easy to be negative when it comes to marriage, since America ranks 6th in the nation for highest divorce rates and a married female aged 20-25 years old has a 36% chance of getting divorced.

All of that aside I still believe in love. I believe in happiness, reckless decisions, and spontaneity. Life falls apart, love dwindles, and things change but there are so many moments that are worth the risk.

My grandparents met each other and followed their hearts. They risked heartache for the unknown and have come out 51 years later just as strong and in love as they did when they pledged till death do us part.

If anyone taught me to believe in love, it’s these two.

Happy Anniversary, 51 years, 51 laughs, 51 tears, and a grand daughter inspired by what you have and hopeful to experience that kind of love one day herself.



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