If The Ocean is My Muse Then I am its Witness

I’m a bit of a sap when it comes to nature and this summer the ocean has captured my heart. I envision it floating amongst the waves and crashing into the shoreline, being sucked in by the current and continuing its flow back and forth as if rocked like a newborn baby.

Last week I found myself curled up in the sand, sweatpants covered, and hood pulled snuggly around my face. I looked to the sky and watched as the pinks brushed along the clouds. A rainbow slowly bursted from the shoreline and kissed the blue. I took to the ocean to cleanse my soul since tears had found their way to my eyes and the ocean has a calming effect that I struggle to find the words to explain. As do most trips to the ocean I found musings rushing into my mind.

“The ocean catches tears, combats emotion, strikes the core, and releases pain. Forced to turn inward and feel everything, to face fears, and the struggles that render insides. Feeling the breeze hit bare skin, wind kiss the face, and a sense of everything is going to be okay setting in.”

“Waves build momentum and then break, making the mind wonder how they know when it’s time to transcend into a new form. It is like watching a bird gain its wings, the ocean crashing into a white bliss, tearing away from a blue stretch and dipping into a curve of white.”

“I don’t know how something so vast, can be so beautiful.”

“A rainbow fills me with hope and happiness, that it is all going to get better.”

“Never has a presence stopped me in my tracks quite like the ocean.”

If the ocean is my muse then I am its witness.


2 thoughts on “If The Ocean is My Muse Then I am its Witness

  1. Nice.

    Now, know that you are the ocean itself. Then, not only are you its witness, you are its creator, sustainer, and destroyer.

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