Breathe Me

I think sometimes we fail to recognize natural beauty. Bogged down by work and the grind of day to day living; we as people focus on the moments tying us down and fail to look up. As our eyes glaze over thinking about the dreaded tasks that encompass just getting by we forget to dream. We forget to experience and fail to soak up the natural ascetics that surround the dark moments of spills, trips, tears, fights, and let downs.

With that in mind, I beg you to take a moment to enjoy the little moments that spark intrigue, the ones that invite you to relax as they massage away stress with beauty. The pretty little things that we miss, ignore, or simply do not take the time to enjoy.

Like the way an orange radiates color, soaking up the sunshine and flashing its light to our eyes in a refreshing array of oranges, drawing us in to admire and then taste its succulent fruit.


The blissful passion of a flower steering away from the picturesque filters of the internet and Instagram, holding its bloom all alone, make-up less and without effect.









I dare you to stumble on the ocean. Get lost in the waves. Look to the sky, breathe it in, capture its purity, allowing it to massage stress, caress weakness, and evoke renewal.



“It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.”
Henry David Thoreau

While you’re looking up, head in the clouds, dreaming of dreams, don’t forget to look down and feel the Earth between your toes, the soles beneath you.


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